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ChipGenius Download can be called an excellent software designed to check whether the SD card, hard disk, USB drivers, etc. Devices that you buy and use in your daily life have the correct content capacity according to your money. The application is a simple software that is extremely useful for any user to fix undetected errors in their flash drivers devices. A simple interface can be seen while a fast inspection is available.

You can check the quickness of any storage device you are using, version, device ID, serial number, and much other information with this application in addition to the main function.

In fact, users can understand that this ChipGenius Download software is more useful if it is installed on the computer. The application is also very functional on Windows OS as well as Mac operating systems. Even without knowledge, a person can easily use the app.

Our website provides safe steps for users to download the app in a few simple steps. You want to check that when the storage device is connected to the computer, all its information can be retrieved in seconds. Sometimes the storage device connected to your computer is not visible in Windows Explorer. In the face of such problems, the user can use this application to solve them without any inconvenience. All the above-mentioned points will make any user with such problems understand the need for ChipGenius Download software.

Key Features of the ChipGenius Download

  • Interface - The handling of the interface is so easy from the beginning. This interface shows the extracted details of the USB that you connected to your PC. What is the type of the device, device name, USB device ID, serial number, product details, and more
  • Analyze whether the storage device is fake or real - The leading function of this software is to analyze the actual storage capacity of the chip, portable hard drive, pen drive, etc. You can check the storage capacity of your USB when you purchase from unreliable sellers. Also, it detects devices unrecognizable by Windows. So do not be afraid to use this application.
  • Provide detailed information on the checked device - It gives information about the USB device's serial number, installation date, protocol version, and processing speed. It helps to understand the reason that happened to your storage device.
  • Can test a wide range of storage devices - This software tests USB flash drives, USB hard drives, chips, and other devices safely. Also, it analyses the device's everything.
  • Free to download - ChipGenius Download is a very tiny application. So it is quickly and freely downloaded Because there are no restrictions.
  • No, to install - ChipGenius software is not needed to install. You can use this software as a utility tool.
  • How it Works ChipGenius Download

    You know that the first step of downloading is to download the ChipGenius software to the computer

  • The second step is to select a file to download the application.
  • The download file size is small, so it takes a short time.
  • Open the Zip file after downloading. ChipGenius -exe in it. Open the application. It's 100% safe to run it right where it's opened. It's a very basic GUI and doesn't ask you to install anything.
  • After opening the interface,
  • The next is to connect one of the USBs you want to test.
  • After connecting the USB drive you check its properties.
  • Now if the capacity shown to you is represented by the ChipGenius software it can be recognized as a real device.
  • The connected device is automatically represented in chipGenius.
  • When the connected USB driver is analyzed using Chipgenius, the connected driver is displayed at the top of the interface.
  • At the bottom of the interface, the driver information is the device type, protocol version, current speed, Max current, USB device ID, serial number, Device vendor, and Device Name, You can know correct information about Device Revenue, manufacturing, Product Model, Product Revision, Flash ID code, Total capacity, etc.

    Here, you can check whether the capacity is the same as when you checked with properties earlier. The correct capacity will be displayed there.

    By following the steps mentioned above, you can use the software to test a storage device correctly.

    ChipGenius in Windows

  • To download the application running for Windows OS visit our ChipGenius Windows official website and click on the download button there.
  • Go to the latest version before the download.
  • It enables you to use the software without any hassle.
  • For that process, you can select the operating system.
  • The file is very small.
  • Then, you should choose the location on your computer to download.
  • The file is downloaded as a Zip file.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Users can use this application without installation.
  • Open the ChipGenius.exe file in the extracted file.
  • If you need to go to forward give the command "yes" to the message displayed on the computer screen.
  • ChipGenius in Mac

    It supports ChipGenius Mac operating systems and Linux systems as well. These steps are followed by any person to download software.

    Why ChipGenius Download is The Best?

    This ChipGenius application can be introduced as a new version that is introduced to make it easier to diagnose problems with USB devices that you use with computers in your daily life. Using this you will be able to diagnose and fix all problems related to broken USB flash drives. The user of this app is provided with very simple handling and no installation is required for portability.

    ChipGenius Download is easy for any person to use this application without any additional knowledge as an interface provides the basic instructions you need to use this application. The basic main interface displays a list of USBs that you can choose from. Here you will be shown a description of your device with various information. ChipGenius can be introduced as a key feature to indicate the name and part number of the chip.

    Using this will enable you to know for sure that the USB device is connected to the computer. If you are using a keyboard mouse or USB connected to the computer with some errors present in the hard disk this tool will help you to identify such errors. And this will not affect your computer as ChipGenius has been verified to be free of any harmful viruses.

    Advantages Of ChipGenius Download

    Free of cost

    Chipgenius is a small application that can be downloaded freely to your device. There is no restriction to downloading and working with it. If you regret spending money on various types of software, it is no longer a problem. Because you can download this freely and get the service free on your device.

    It quickly analyzes your storage devices

    This is a significant function of this software. It analyses the actual storage capacity of your storage devices like the chip, portable hard drive, etc. Not only that but also it will provide you with a detailed view of the storage device that you plugged in.

    You can identify reliable sellers to buy devices

    Chip Genius Scan gives the details are they fake or real. This behavior helps to get an idea of which storage devices are good or bad. So you can confirm the faulty device and stop buying from the places where you bought the device.

    It fixes broken flash drives

    This application can detect devices unrecognizable by the windows. For example, you inject your storage device into the computer, but it can be seen from Windows Explorer. ChipGenius Download will help you in such kind of situations.

    There is nothing to set up

    This application does not need to be installed. You can launch it by double-clicking on the icon.

    No matter if you are a pro or beginner

    This application is very simplistic. The interface has just two areas. One is the list of all the controllers and the plugged USB devices. Second is the information on the selected device. Therefore you do not need to find buttons and menus. There are no choosing options. You can get the job done easily.

    FAQ of ChipGenius Download

    Which operating systems can be used by ChipGenius software?

    Anyone can use this ChipGenius software Windows OS and Mac OS.

    What are the system requirements for ChipGenius?

    The software works for Windows and Mac OS. The minimum system requirement you need to download it is as follows.

  • OS- Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Ram- 128MB of Ram
  • Space - 10MB of free disk space.
  • What is the main reason used this software?

    To check if the USB flash drivers you are using have the correct capacity.

    How to Download the Software?

    To download it correctly you can use ChipGenius our web page and follow the steps to download safely on your OS.

  • Click the download button there.
  • Select the location to download it.
  • After downloading open the zip folder.
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Now it is ready to use.
  • How to completely uninstall the software?

  • Use the search bar and find the control panel
  • Go to the program option.
  • You can see all the programs running on your computer.
  • Select the ChipGenius software.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Give the command to "Uninstall".